First day in vegas we arrived early.
Headed out to Grand Canyon and found
our first chocolate shop.
Okay so its not "Vegas style",
 but I loved the vintage sign.
Chocolate in the desert?
Mmm.... Interesting concept.
Have to wonder what kind of
chocolate doesn't melt in this heat??????

Yesterday was a very exciting and busy day
filled with chocolate adventures.
We started our day at the Ethel M chocolate shop. 
They have a fantastic pecan brittle
that we watched them make. 
Then we enjoyed some Mexican
hot chocolate with chilli and cinamon.
Next stop Vosges Haut Chocolat. 
 Vosges was beautiful and carried many exotic flavours. 
Bernie tried the "bacon bar". 
 I enjoyed the more traditional exotic caramels. 
Next stop Jean Philippe patisserie!
Great Day in Vegas!

Wow what a site at the
Jean Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas! 
A beautiful chocolate fountain that mixed
milk, white and dark chocolate. 
Other gourmet treats included
designer cakes, truffles, nut brittles and nougat. 
Bernie and I enjoyed the most wonderful
coffee and of course a treat. 
I couldn't resist the vanilla nougat
 with almonds and pistachios.  

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